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The International Institute of St. Louis (IISTL) is our community’s immigrant service and information hub. 

Our programs and services for immigrants, their families, and the wider community are locally and nationally-acclaimed. We connect new arrivals with first-touch services and resources, engage foreign-born and the wider community, and build a more inclusive community.

Our Mission

Our Mission & Vision

The International Institute provides opportunities for immigrants and refugees to thrive in order to create a welcoming, prosperous, and healthy region for all.

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Why We Are Needed

Today, we offer essential economic and cultural integration services, including English classes, employment, orientation, and citizenship preparation. We also host events and make presentations to build inclusive and mutually respectful relationships between foreign-born newcomers and all community members. Learn more from our 2022-2024 strategic plan and 2020 annual report.

We Need Your Support Today!

Our Team.

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