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Our Programs

Reception and Placement (R&P)

This program is a collaborative effort between the agency and the community where refugee resettlement occurs. The program supports refugees through their first 90 days in the country. Services include but are not limited to securing initial housing and furnishings, benefits enrollment assistance, and cultural orientations. Additionally, clients are enrolled in Refugee Social Service Programs, which continue to provide support past the first 90 days.


This program serves refugee families eligible for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). Families work with community partners to find employment based on a holistic approach to the unique circumstances of refugees.

Family Reunification

Priority 3 Affidavit of Relationship is a pathway for refugees and asylees to apply to bring some family members to the USA to join them.

Lautenberg Affidavit of Relationship is a pathway that allows individuals in the U.S. to apply for certain religious minorities from the former Soviet Union and Iran to the USA to join them.

Refugee Support Services (RSS)

This program promotes self-sufficiency by focusing on removing barriers to employment. The program includes a family self-sufficiency assessment, goal setting, referral services, training, and job placement. The program encourages employment stability as well as community integration.

Youth Mentoring

Eligible youth are paired with a qualified mentor to meet specific educational, employment, workforce training, and community engagement goals.

Community Sponsorship

Community Sponsorship Groups is a program that seeks to create a welcoming environment for refugees by integrating agency services with organized community groups. Community support groups work alongside case workers to provide key client services during the first six months. This program promotes a healthy cultural exchange that enhances refugee families' lives and the community co-sponsors group members.

Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA)

This program provides individuals with short-term cash assistance while they seek employment and participate in job readiness activities.

Health Promotion

This program seeks to improve the overall health of refugees by encouraging an understanding of healthcare culture and the process of accessing healthcare services.

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